Installing a plugin

Plugins listed here can be used in a Quaint project by running the following following command:

quaint --setup plugin-name

Most of them are configurable.

Styling and highlighting

Includes Bootstrap v3 CSS/JS files and defines many components to use bootstrap's features.
Macros to insert emoji characters.
Use Google Fonts on your pages.
Syntax highlighting for a hundred of languages.
An okay-looking, customizable and extensible stylesheet for your pages.

Data formats

json is supported by default.

Format and include CSV files.
Format and include YAML files.

Programming languages

Enables embedded JavaScript.
Enables embedded Earl Grey.
Enables embedded CoffeeScript.

Other languages

Includes mathjax, which lets you write math with LaTeX syntax.
Includes katex, which also lets you write math with LaTeX syntax.
Embed interactive Quaint editors inside your pages.
Interactive JavaScript or Earl Grey interpreter
Enables embedded SASS.


Embed Disqus comment threads.
Gather data with Google Analytics.
Display nice charts with Google Charts.
Show a map using Google Maps with coordinates or an address.
Provides a nav :: macro to populate a navigation bar (but you need to style it yourself).
Put share buttons on your pages (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.)
Translate "" into curly quotes, -- into en/em dashes, and so on.
Easily embed YouTube videos using their ID.


Please consult the documentation on how to write a plugin.